You Get Lots of Inodes on Namecheap Shared Hosting

You Get Lots of Inodes on Namecheap Shared Hosting

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Let’s talk about Namecheap.

It’s a cheap website hosting company with amazing customer service, amazing products, amazing options, and it’s a rare gem that I feel very lucky to have found.

Some of us at use it for web hosting.

So this is a “cheap website hosting” review!

We Love Cheap Website Hosting

We love cheap website hosting.

We own several Bluehost web hosting websites.

We love Bluehost!

But for bigger sites, Bluehost’s inode policy can be a problem.

Inode Web Hosting File Limits

As you might know, almost all cheap web hosting companies offering “unlimited web hosting” still have an inode limit to their “unlimited file” offer.

Inodes measure the quantity of files you have stored.

There are almost always duplicates files stored online, so it’s easy to delete them and get under the threshold.

But for really big websites, you might want to go to Namecheap hosting.

Basically you can have a bajillion terrabyte file, but you can’t have 1,000,000 files adding up to a bajillion terabytes big.

That’s how it works at a lot of webhosting companies.

Especially shared, cheap web hosting, which is really affordable.

So it was difficult to move because many cheap web hosting company institute the Inode Rule.

A (Bad) Expensive Inode Solution

We got a $350/month GoDaddy dedicated server.


I love Bluehost but if you have a lot of files the inodes might get you.

Bluehost’s inode limit is 50,000 files.

Namecheap Gives You Lots of Inodes

Namecheap lets you have 300,000 to 600,000 inodes on its cheap web hosting plans.

Lots of room to grow!

Namecheap customer support is fantastic. Very fast and friendly.

I have tried to contact support about something realized it was my own problem to solve admitted it and they STILL contacted me the next day to make sure I had fixed my own problem and see if there was anything they can do.


What I love best about them is they have multiple hosting options.

Upgrading and downgrading are easy.

Namecheap shared hosting with 300,000 inodes is $2.88/month.

It’s practically free.

It’s awesome-sauce.

I’ve also noticed there is little to no downtime on their servers.

Oh! It also has a cpanel for you to make it easy to build your websites add emails look at website stats and more!

So we’re on Namecheap now with tons of customers.

And it’s really cheap, too.

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