Using ManageFlitter and SocialOomph to Dominate and Automate Your Twitter Account

Using ManageFlitter and SocialOomph to Dominate and Automate Your Twitter Account

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Get more twitter followers Hey, are you trying to grow your Twitter followers? Alright, yeah.

So I’m gonna show you how to get Twitter followers fast.

Personally, how I was able to grow my Twitter following from nothing, zero, to well over 5,000 in under 90 days, spending only 15 minutes a day.

So we’re gonna get right down into it.

Alright, so here’s my Twitter page right here.

How I grew my Twitter following from zero to 5,000.

SocialOopmh Twitter Tool

So as you can see right now my following is, well actually my followers, is around 5,000, almost 5,100 followers.

And so real quick, let me just show you how, let me show you exactly what it looked like before.

So I use a tool, I use a couple tools to automate this entire process, where I only had to spend 15 minutes a day.

And so one of them is ManageFlitter, so I’m gonna go into it a little bit, a little bit later, but essentially here’s the account analytics section of the page.

So you can see, if you look at it right now, I’ve got about 5,100 followers, following around 5,400 people so essentially what happened was, you can see from, the earliest it goes back is December 4th, where I was at 744 followers, and at the time of this video when I’m doing it, it’s March 4th, and I’m up to 5,091 followers.

So it doesn’t look like, it’s a little less than 4,000, but it’s really 5,000 because it doesn’t go all the way back to the point where I was before, before where I started around, a little about late, early November.

And so, early November I was at zero, maybe about 100, I wasn’t doing anything.

In that time, I grew all up to 5,000 plus followers.

And so you can see that happened in that time period, and theres some other analytics, the tweets, the number of times I’ve been listed, and influence has grown in that time, obviously, and spam probability is nice that it’s gone down too, so they calculate that.

Going back to my personal page here, I wanna show you exactly what I did.

Okay, so the first thing that I did was, I established a personal brand.

That’s the first thing you want to do.

Essentially, who are you and what do you do, and what value do you provide? What is your end goal? For me, I’m a network marketer, a home business entrepreneur, trainer, affiliate marketer, and I’m looking to generate leads, I’m looking to generate, help people grow their businesses, and then potentially partner up and work together, so we can grow together and make sales and things like that.

That’s my goal.

You know this, you know this first of all, very early on, because you see my picture, you see my name, this is my personal brand, and you see what I do.

So that’s the first thing you want to do, is establish your personal brand, who you are and what you do.

The second thing that you want to do is establish your target audience.

So who are you talking to? What kind of people do you want to attract to your Twitter page? For me, it’s network marketers, home biz entrepreneurs, those are the type of people that I wanna target.

This is important because that’s the kind of followers you’re going to have.

I’m going to show you in a minute exactly why that’s so important, why you want to know that who your target market is, because that’s essentially how you’re going to build your Twitter following.

And then the third thing I did was I developed a content marketing strategy, a content strategy.

So what kind of content are you going to produce in order to make your page attractive, make your profile attractive? So that when your perfect prospect from your target audience comes to your profile, and you follow them and they look at your profile, they’re instantly going to want to, you know, not join you, but, you know, follow you back.

Maybe not instantly, but it increases your chances and likelihood of them following you back, so that you have a type of audience that you want to attract Once again, this is my personal brand, you can see what I’m doing here, my tagline here, giving homebiz owners the mindset and online marketing skillset to dominate MLM.

So you instantly know what I’m talking about, who I am, and whether or not you’re the kind of person that I want to.

The type of content I produce is very much targeted towards network marketers.

I’ve got a blog post here on how to utilize your content.

I have picture quotes giving tips for business builders, or home biz owners, these type of tips that would help them.

I have quotes that are towards mindset, helping them think, improve their mindset, and those type of things that network marketers and home biz entrepreneurs like, because we’re into personal development a whole lot.

I got YouTube videos, tons of YouTube vids that I share here about network marketing, the home business space and just tips and helpful content.

So the content is important.

You don’t want spammy content.

You don’t want things about your network marketing gig on here.

You want things that would help someone who’s in network marketing so that they’re more likely to want to see what you’re doing and join You.

That’s the whole point.

No where on this page can you see what company I’m in or anything like that.

Everything here is value, everything here is value.

And every so often I might put something in here about generating some leads.

Like here I’ve got a good friend of mine here and I talk about hey, we’re Facebook great minds here and download my Facebook Live Survival Guide.

And this is how I generate leads in what I’m doing as well.

Now, let’s talk about exactly how I did this.

So exactly how I grew from zero to 5000 in under 90 days using only 15 minutes alone was through automation, using some automation strategies.

It really starts off and stems off of the fact that when you follow someone, when you follow someone there’s like this unspoken rule that people will follow you back.

And that’s how Twitter works, that’s how Instagram works as well.

So we’re playing on this strategy that we’re expecting someone to follow us back and we increase that likelihood by targeting the right people and having the right content.

And the way we did that, I did that was using some automation tools and my two main tools that I used was ManageFlitter and SocialOomph.

So this is ManageFlitter right here.

I’m going to go back to the front page here and this is what it looks like.

Essentially it’s an automation tool that allows you to build your Twitter audience.

And so for example, if I go back, if I go, let’s see, where I have my account here.

So you can do a whole bunch of things.

The way it works is by following someone.

What you can do is identify someone in your particular space and industry who is a big influencer and follow up that person’s followers.

So the whole idea is that you want to find out who in your space has a type of audience that you would like and then follow that person’s followers so that they eventually follow you back if that makes sense.

And so what you’re going to do is you can basically go here.

I usually just go to follow.

You can also go to power mode too and it helps you save your features.

And essentially what you’re going to do is just type in someones user name right here.

So like for example, someone popular in my niche is Bob Smith in network marketing and then I would just search.

And then it’s going to search for you and bring up all the people that are following Bob Smith and once you do that, once it does that you can follow all those people that Bob Smith are following.

So the cool thing is that you can also filter it down too, so there’s a lot of filters and things that you can do here, especially in power mode as well that you can go to.

It will allow you to follow specific people within that particular persons niche, followers list.

And so yeah, once it comes up all you gotta do is just follow.

Right, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow.

I just pick a bunch of people to follow and stuff like that.

And once you follow, it moves a person right up next up on the list which is pretty cool.

And then you also combine that with unfollowing people too.

So you unfollow people who don’t follow you back.

And so I would come here and you see people who haven’t followed me and I can unfollow them and same thing applies.

Once you unfollow them, the next person moves up which is pretty cool.

The next tool I use was a tool called SocialOomph.

Try them out and they’re really cool in terms of automation, really affordable in my opinion in terms of leverage that you can get from doing that.

And so SocialOomph is how I automate my engagement strategy.

And so basically what SocialOomph does is it takes all of your content and puts them together so then in automatically tweets them out for you.

So it’s really, really cool.

So essentially all the tweets that are happening here on my page are happening basically on autopilot.

They’re just happening on autopilot.

I’m not actually the one tweeting all of this which is really cool.

And still I’m engaging my audience with high quality content.

So SocialOomph is pretty cool.

You can sign up and like I said I’ll leave a link below.

And what happens is essentially you can create queues.

So you have some different kind of queues that contain all your different content.

I have a bunch of different ones.

I have capture pages, and blog posts, Youtube videos.

And you can stick all your content in there.

Once you create those queues you put the updates in there and it will automatically send out all the updates for you depending on the time and specifications that you design for it.

So it’s really cool.

It’s really cool.

That’s how I was able to automate the entire process and do this in 15 minutes and still generate a ton of leads and build a huge audience.

Like I said, literally 5000 followers using ManageFlitter and SocialOomph.

Once again, these strategies, these are strategies that can provide a ton of leverage for you in your business and allow you to build an audience that at the same time engage them as well for your business.

So really cool.

Alright, so that’s that.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Hope that it’s valuable.

Hope that clarified how you can get Twitter followers fast and I hope you enjoyed, hope that was valuable.

And by the way, if you want to learn exactly how, how I learned to generate leads and signups and sales from Twitter using this strategy to get from that point of the strategy to this point, then definitely click the link below, that will then take you to a free 14 minutes video that reveals to you how to I did that exactly.

So put your name and email address in that page and you’ll get access to that video immediately.

So, ’til next time my friend.

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