Is WP Engine the Best WordPress Hosting Company?

Is WP Engine the Best WordPress Hosting Company?

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WP Engine is probably the best WordPress hosting online or anywhere for that matter.

WP Engine has a lot of different features that make your WordPress site blazing fast and also secure.

There’s been a lot of hacking going on lately — DDoS attacks — WP Engine has does a great job of providing their own version of WordPress that’s stripped down and secure so you literally never get hacked.

Your site is blazing fast and it just it is works.

There’s always backups.

Let’s look at the dashboard.

Once you’re logged in, you have a dashboard area which shows all of the installations in your account.

You simply click “Add Installation” and then you can type in your install name — my new site whatever you want to call it — if it’s an available name, that’s it you have a WordPress site.

You can make it transferable if you want to transfer it somewhere else later.

Above the personal plan — starting at the business plan — there’s a checkbox for multi-site that allows you just to check that box and it’ll turn your WordPress website into a multi-site.

If you’re looking to create a WordPress multi-site, it’s a very, very, very simple process.

It’s just a checkbox to install and create a WordPress multi-site.

You have an overview page that will give you the SFTP logins. You’ve got backup points. Domain names. They have CDN in the bigger plans. Again, it’s literally a checkbox and you’re using a CDN. It’s a content delivery network. It’s really fast. You can add redirect rules for your site. There’s a one-click backup. Error logs so you can actually see what’s going on with th eserver. You can add your SSL right from the dashboard, and WP Engine will install it for you. Takes maybe an hour or two. It’s really easy.

There’s a utilities area for things like site migration. You download a plugin, generate a secure password, once you plug in the information you literally just hit the button and it will suck your WordPress website from wherever it’s hosting over to your WP Engine dashboard in literally 10 or 15 minutes, depending on the site of the website.

There’s also a manual migration walk through where they take you through pulling your website step by step.

WP Engine is a great, fast, secure, awesome WordPress hosting platform, it is the best hosting platform that I’ve seen.

I’ve never never had a site to get hacked. It has always been super fast. In my opinion it’s the best hosting company for WordPress out there. It’s it’s just really easy simple. So if you are having issues with your current host another thing WP Engine has amazing customer support so if you have issues with your current hosting company then you can actually get to Class A customer service with WP Engine, They always fix it with me on the phone. They have lightning fast hosting and never had a site to get hacked. It’s just all around the best platform to use and I’ve been doing this for fifteen years now. It is amazing. So if you’re looking for a new hosting company, if you’re evaluating WP Engine just go ahead and get on it, it’s literally the best decision you will ever make.

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