Introduction to Using SocialPilot

Introduction to Using SocialPilot

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Welcome to the SocialPilot tutorial. Today I’m going to show you how to promote your website, to get more visitors and traffic. The tools we’re looking at today will help you get a better presence on social media.

We all know when we have a lot of social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it’s really time-consuming to make sure that you update all the accounts at the same time with relevant information.

Therefore I recommended that you use SocialPilot.

Let’s look at how to link your social accounts to SocialPilot.

Connect social accounts on SocialPilot

Connect social accounts on SocialPilot

Now choose social accounts

Now choose social accounts

Then we’ll look at scheduling a post on multiple accounts.

Up front, SocialPilot will ask you to connect to a social account, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Confirm your social account password to continue.

This grants access to SocialPilot to write to your Facebook account.

Then you create a post and schedule it.

It will ask about time slots. It pre-configures successful time schemes, and you can overwrite these.

So the steps are: Connect social accounts; create a post; schedule the post.

The post can be text, video or a photo — obviously photos and videos perform better than text.

I like to use photos that solve specific problems. “How to use intermittent fasting to lose weight,” or “5 Ways the Keto Diet Makes you Healthier.”

After I create the post, I assign it to one ore more accounts for broadcast.

You can schedule the post, or just publish it right away.

Check your social accounts to see your automatic SocialPilot posts.

So this is really great if you have a lot of social media accounts.

You can just create a single post and it will be posted on multiple accounts.


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