How SiteGround Web Hosting Helps You Run Your WordPress Website

How SiteGround Web Hosting Helps You Run Your WordPress Website

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Is hosting really one of the best website hosting companies or one of the best WordPress hosting companies for you to get started with?

In this review I’m going to show you what hosting with SiteGround is all about and help you decide if it’s right for you.

If you are reading this hosting review, it’s probably because you are the type of person who is looking to get something done.

You’re either looking to build your first website or looking to move your current website to a different hosting company.

You just want to know what works and what’s good.

I get to decide what I do reviews on and what I recommend, and I focus on making reviews of products that I like.

There are plenty of things that I try and I don’t like and wouldn’t recommend, but why bother telling you about what doesn’t work when I can just help you focus on what’s good.

Is SiteGround right for everyone?


In this review I’m going to help you find out if it’s right for you and your situation.

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Using these links helps me buy and test other products by providing me with a small commission so thanks for your support.

Let’s dive in and find out if SiteGround is right for you and your project.

First off let’s look at SiteGround support.

In my experience with SiteGround I have found their support is amazingly helpful and surprisingly fast to get a hold of.

I almost always use chat support and every time I have tried getting ahold of one of their support agents I’ve only had to wait a few minutes.

When I do get a hold of one of their agent they are very polite and helpful.

So I would rate them as really good in the support department.

They also have some decent online tutorials on how to use their service.

SiteGround is one of the faster low cost hosting companies out there.

They start out with solid server hardware that is all Solid State Drive based.

So that’s fast to begin with.

They then use some of the fastest available server software and protocols to take advantage of their fast server hardware.Then when you use their WordPress installer they include their own website cacheing plugin designed to take advantage of their server configuration and make sure that your site can run as fast as possible with their configuration.

They also offer the free Jetpack plugin from automattic which are the developers behind WordPress.

And what Jetpack offers in the free version is an Image Content Delivery Network so this helps your images on your website load faster for your viewers.

All these things are designed to help you site go as fast as possible.

So SiteGround really focus on speed.

And on the tests that I have done and other tests that I have seen on the internet shows that SiteGround is one of the fastest in the low cost shared hosting space.

So, what about website security?

I focus on teaching and building WordPress websites, because I think that WordPress, with the right tools is one of the easiest ways to build a website, but since WordPress is so popular their are some security issues that you need to prepare for, fortunately SiteGround takes the security of your website seriously and include some basic security measure for your website as soon as you install WordPress.

They have a feature to limit login attempts.

This keeps hackers from using bot computers to try brute force guessing what the password is on your website.

It’s basic protection, but it’s necessary so it’s a good thing that they have this installed for you by default.

SiteGround also install the free Jetpack basic plugin which I have already mentioned, and that offers brute force protection, and you can also upgrad the fee version to add additional protection for your website for things like spam filtering, and that’s something that I would definitely recommend.

When I built my first website I didn’t think that spam comments would be you know a major issue but I learned quickly that even with your website up for just a few months you start getting a bunch of spam comments that’s just really frustration to get rid of them, so upgrading your jetpack to the next level up is really a good idea to get that spam filtering protection.

SiteGround also offers free SSL security certificates.

Which is something that everyone should enable on their website right when they get started.

It’s one of the things that google looks for when analyzing your website for it’s search engine ranking.

And do you want email at your domain?

With all of the basic hosting accounts offered by SiteGround you get email at your domain.

You get an unlimited number of email addresses and you get an unlimited amount of disk space for email storage and it’s pretty easy to setup your first email address or to add new ones.

All you have to do is sign into your account.

Go to the cPanel.

The cPanel is where you make most of your adjustments to your hosting.

Go down to Email Accounts.

Create a new account name.

Select the domain that you want the email to be created for add a password for your email address and then set how much space you want to allow for the mail box.

Really easy to set up and manage and I like that.

This email account is pretty basic, but it works, and it’s a great way to get started with email at your domain quickly and easily.

I really don’t have too many complaints about SiteGround.

I think that my biggest compliant is about the controls for managing the server and adjusting the server settings.

It’s a bit confusing and I find myself clicking around a lot to get to the settings that I want.

Unfortunately this is normal for hosting companies.

All most all of the hosting companies that I have tested give you this confusing interface.

SiteGround uses cPanel for managing the server configuration which is the industry standard, it’s just not as user friendly as it could be.

Fortunately with hosting it’s not something that you need to be managing all the time.

It’s something that you need to setup once and then later on you might want to set up email or add an email account.

So you only really need to use or manage your hosting account maybe once or twice a year.

If you want help setting up hosting with SiteGround I have a free tutorial where I’ll walk you thru setting up and configuring your hosting account and then show I’ll show you how to install and configure WordPress.

All in all I think SiteGround is a great choice.

I think it’s one of the best website hosting companies and best WordPress hosting companies to get started with.

It’s a hosting company that I have recommended to friends, because I think it’s an over all solid choice and they offer great introductory pricing.

The great thing about building a website on an open source platform like WordPress is that you can always move your website to another hosting company.

If you have hosting someplace else the guys at SiteGround can move your website to their servers for free.

At least that was the deal they were offering at the time that I wrote this article.

And if if you’ve been using SiteGround for a while and you’ve decided that for some reason that you don’t like which I don’t think that you will, because I think it’s really good solid hosting, but if you do decide that you don’t like it you can always move your website someplace else.

I’ve personally been really happy with the website that I have hosted at SiteGround and I think that SiteGround is a great way to get started building your first website.

You can learn more about SiteGround by clicking on the link below, and if your ready to start building your website on SiteGround check out the link to my free tutorial and on how get Sitegournd hosting setup and then how to configure and install WordPress on SiteGround.

I also offer a free step by step tutorial series designed to help you easily build your first WordPress websites using some of the best and easiest website building tools that I have found.

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