GetResponse Makes Marketing Really Easy

GetResponse Makes Marketing Really Easy

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I’m going to go step-by-step to show you one of the best email marketing tools that you can find on the market right now.

I’m going to show you two things.

The first one is the tools, as it is, so you’re going to see how GetResponse works from beginning to end.

I’m going to explain to you how all of the GetResponse tools work, so you can configure and implement them.

Secondly, I’m going to show you certain email marketing strategies that you will be able to start implementing right away.

These will help you get more leads, get higher open rates, get higher click-through rates, how to avoid the spam folder.

This should be very useful for your email marketing strategy.
Dashboard tools

This is the new GetResponse dashboard.

Some things have changed from the old version of GetResponse.

One of them that is really interesting is that now you can customize your dashboard.

GetResponse Quick ActionsNow you can configure the dashboard with Quick Actions.

I can click on the Widget settings, and I can add “Create Webinar,” or Create Workflow” quick actions to my dashboard.

You can add, delete or cancel the widgets from the widget library.

You’ve got all of your metrics in one place.

You can see everything right there.

It’s really comfortable, I think it’s more handy to have the information organized this way.

As you can see, GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing tool.

Apart from the email marketing, you’ve got automation.

Create a NewsletterNot many email marketing tools have automation yet.

You’ve got a platform for creating landing pages.

You’ve got a platform to host your webinars.

You’ve got forms and surveys to acquire user feedback.

The newest tool is CRM.

All of this is included in GetResponse.

So you see why I say this is so interesting.

When you do email marketing, you do not only send emails.

You do many more things.

You have to create webinars to attract new customers.

You have to create landing pages for your customers coming from your Facebook ads.

You have to post surveys to ask questions.

This is what I like about Get Reponse.

They think like digital marketers.

They think like someone who is doing digital marketing, and will need to use multiple tools.

This is great, because you don’t have to go to another landing page platform, survey platform or even a CRM platform.

You don’t have to pay for those other services to get those tools.

One of the most known landing pages platforms is Lead Pages, it costs from $37/month. So this is an additional cost which is already included in GetResponse.

If you need to make webinars and use Go To Webinar — you have to pay $109 for one hundred users each month.

To create surveys — let’s take TypeForm, which is one of the most well-known survey platforms — you have to pay from $35/month.

And if you want a CRM — this is about $18 a month.

So to add it up:
$ 37 for Lead pages
$109 for Go To Webinar
$ 35 for TypeForm
$ 18 for a CRM package

These packages would cost you at least $199 each month.

But these tools are all included in GetResponse.

These sole your marketing tool needs.

The impressive thing is that all of these are already in GetResponse.

You’ve got everything inside.

In the GetResponse you get surveys, intelligent forms (as we will see), automation — this is amazing, and awesome, because I don’t know other marketing/email tools offering so many things.

I also want to show you Account Management. You can manage all of your projects — all of your customers — from the same place.

You can add as many email senders as you like.

The only thing is that all of the “from” emails have to be confirmed.

Once the email address is confirmed, you don’t have to pay twice to have two different GetResponse accounts.

You can manage everything from the same place.

I will show you how to do it once we create the lists and we see how to organize all of the information.

GetResponse integrates with almost everthing, including Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Magento etc. etc.

I love their live chat. They’ve got live chat 24 hours a day. They are very, very fast answering. You need this with email marketing. Sometimes you send an email, you don’t know what happened — you made a mistake — whatever the issue. You can send an email saying you don’t understand what happened, or you don’t know how to configure something. With this chat, you have the answer in minutes.

With so many email marketing tools you have to wait for two hours, maybe more for an answer.

GetResponse has lots of people working in customer service. They are very good. When they don’t know something they ask teh developers. This is one of the things I love about GetResponse.

They also have people speaking languages besides English. We get help in Spanish.

Look at the main panel, go toward the bottom, look for the “Languages” link. The Response will be translated to your language. It could be better but you know what they’re saying. They are working on the translations.

They’ve got 23 different languages, each Response is translated.

This is awesome because not everybody speaks English.

Maybe you hire someone from another country, they don’t speak English so they can use GetResponse in their language. I’ve never seen any other email marketing tool do this.

Back to the dashboard. Let’s start looking at each of the dashboard sections.

First let’s look at the contact section. This is important. It will allow us to configure everything related to our lists.

In the past, GetResponse considered lists as campaigns.

I think it’s the only email marketing tool that has been using campaigns instead of lists.

But now the lists are lists. That’s better.

Under Contacts is the segmentation tool.

When ou are doing a campaign, the statistics related to your contact list hygiene shows here.

You want to clean your lists, add suppression lists, so you don’t send emails to certain people.

You can use custom fields in order to enrich the information you get from your subscribers.

You can search people by name or email, including partial strings. You can show all contacts which will show creation date and the number of contacts on the list.

I’m going to give you some tips that you need to take into account. These tips are going to help you create lists faster and properly.

GetResponse lists are unique across the entire Get Reponse platform.

No one else in the whole of GetResponse is going to have this name.

So when you decide your list name, it needs to be unique.

Use a list name that you can identify easily and quickly.

Imagine you’ve got one project, and you’re not managing anyone else’s accounts. so it would be OK to organize everything in alphabetical order.

The list name has to be easily recognizable because when you integrate your account with third party tools, you will see all of your lists together.

If you’ve got ten lists, it’s quite easy.

But for instance if you have 100 lists, it’s quite difficult.

If I didn’t have everything organized alphabetically, it would take me longer to find the right list or the righ ttarget where I want to send my new subscribers.

So if you’ve got your own project, jus tmake sure that you use a good name and make it alphabetical.

But if you got different types of sections in your projects, I recommend that you structure the name in two sections.

The first one would be the type of project you are working on.

The second one is the name of this project.

So imagine for instance that we sell email marketing training.

We recommend software to each of our lists.

THe lists have the people who buy our training.

The customers who buy our recommended services.

If it’s a matter of training, we use the word “training.”

Then we use the name of the tool we’re recommending.

If you use the projet and product names in your list names, it will be quicker and easier for you to target our customers when writing and sending a newsletter.

This is a really important part of organizing all of your email marketing.

Without this, it will be much more time-consuming.

Don’t use the GetResponse numbers fo rhte list name.

Now after a couple of months it has often happened that we find that people do not remember subscribing to your list.

They suddenly want to unsubscribe.

They say, “OK, I don’t recall having subscribed to this list. These people are spammers.”

So what we do here is write a description telling them why they are on this list.

We remind them that they subscribed themselves; and that we give a lot of information about how they signed up to remind them that we are not spammers.

You have to show a postal address to comply with CAN SPAM. You cannot modify this afterwards. Follow the standards for sending commercial mail, including showing your address in every email footer.

Include your logo as well so that people can see they’re at the right place when they click on your email links.

The GetResponse email marketing tools allows you to turn off the confirmation email.

Some people like to have cleaner lists, so the customer has to confirm they opted in.

But if you are doing marketing and you want things to be smooth and fast, you want people to receive a lead magnet straight away, maybe you don’t need a confirmation.

Confirmations make the process quite a bit longer. People have to wait for the confirmation message and then for the lead magnet or whatever you have promised in exchange for the email address.

In my opinion, it’s important that you do not ask for confirmation messages.

Let’s imagine that you use Facebook lead ads to get your GetResponse email leads.

The customer has authorized you to accept their email. What they expect is to receive your lead magnet or whatever you have promised.

It’d be very weird to see an ad on Facebook you react to and then you receive a confirmation message for having subscribed to a list.

This is not what you thought you were doing.

You wanted something fast.

You didn’t want to subscribe to a list.

You don’t want a confirmation, you want the lead magnet.

For another example, suppose someone buys your product through PayPal, and they’re expecting access by email to receive your product.

Instead they get an email confirmation.

GetResponse makes it really easy.

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