A Closer Look at the AWeber Newsletter Tools

A Closer Look at the AWeber Newsletter Tools

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AWeber MessagesI’m going to show you how to create a broadcast in AWeber.

Broadcasts enable you to schedule your email ahead of time.

You may be wondering what the difference is between a follow-up series and a broadcast.

A follow-up series is sent in response to someone opting into your list.

It doesn’t matter when they subscribe, the sequence will always be the same.

Unlike a follow-up series, broadcasts require you to set a specific date and time to send out your email.

If the visitor subscribes after the date and time, they will not be receive the broadcast email.

In AWeber, go to messages.

You will see the broadcasts option in the drop down menu.

You will see three options in the broadcast messages page: Drag and Drop Email Builder, Plain Text Message, and Code Your Own HTML.

Choose the drag and drop email builder.

Type your subject line.

Click the templates button and choose one.

Then click on Apply.

You can see a list of features on the left side of the box.

They are Drag and Drop.

For example, drag the video container over, and add a video URL to include video in your email.

I want to teach you how to hyperlink.

If you use WordPress? It’s like that.

Select the sentence you want to hyperlink, find a chain like button on the top menu bar, click on it enter the URL link and click the OK button.

Once you’ve done with the design, click on the Next button.

You will go to the Sharing options to share your newsletter on social media.

You can also publish to a web page.

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