1 Simple But Elegant Snowboard and Ski Storage Rack

Think about your favorite snowboard. What went through your mind when you bought it?
Was it really about the best price? Wasn’t it about the art, the rocker, and the shape? Would you even buy a board without graphics?
The art is just as much a part of your favorite snowboard as its width and rocker. You wouldn’t put beautiful art in a junky frame. Would you store your board on an old metal rack? If that describes you, then you don’t need a rack to hold the board. You need a rack that shows it off. It’s time for the Pro Board Baltic Birch snowboard rack.

Birch is just a nice wood. It feels good. The lines are nice. This rack complements your snowboard. It’s the right frame for the image.
The Baltic Birch holds up to five boards or pairs of skis, and has a load capacity of 120 lb. The rack is 46 inches tall and each arm extends 9 inches. You never need to hang the board by its bindings again. Gently rest it on the adjustable arms of this rack instead.
Check out the Baltic Birch rack on Amazon.
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